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Stroke Journal Webinar 22: Cerebral Microbleeds: Epidemiology and Impact
Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are small, round, low signal lesions detected using MRI sequences sensitive to paramagnetic blood-breakdown products. CMBs are increasingly detected in healthy elderly and various hospital populations, including patients...
Accreditation: AHA
Stroke Journal Webinar 23: Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment: Recent Evidence and Its Implications
Acute ischemic stroke due to large vessel occlusion is a serious disease with very high morbidity and mortality. Recent randomized controlled trials (MR CLEAN, ESCAPE, EXTEND IA) have shown the benefit of endovascular treatment. There are other...
Accreditation: AHA
Stroke Journal Webinar 24: Intracranial Atherosclerosis: Current Status
Intracranial atherosclerosis is a common cause of ischemic stroke worldwide, especially among stroke patients of Asian, African or Hispanic ancestry. Recent advances in neuroimaging not only facilitate the diagnosis but also elucidate the...
Accreditation: AHA
Stroke Journal Webinar 25: Infection and Stroke in Children
Dr. Fullerton will discuss risk factors for childhood arterial ischemic stroke, particularly as they relate to both major infections, like meningitis, and minor infections, like the common cold. She will also discuss childhood cerebral...
Accreditation: AHA
Stroke Journal Webinar 26: Stroke Recovery: Timing, Training, and Biological Determinants
Motor recovery after stroke can occur either via reductions in impairment or through compensation. Studies in humans and nonhuman animal models show that most recovery from impairment occurs in the first 1 to 3 months after stroke as a result of...
Accreditation: AHA
Stroke Journal Webinar 27: Brain Stimulation in Stroke Recovery
In the last 3 decades, significant advances have been made in understanding the mechanisms underlying recovery of motor function following stroke. This has been in great part due to the development of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques such...
Accreditation: AHA
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