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New and Returning Users
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New and Returning Users:

The NIHSS Computer Course is available for new and returning users of the NIHSS course. If you have already taken a section of the NIHSS (example: Test Group A, etc) on the Professional Education Center, you are considered a "returning user" and must finish the remainder of the NIHSS on the computer course.



Review information for both the Mobile and Computer course carefully, to determine which version of the course you would like to enroll.


How to Access the Computer Course:

New User Instructions:


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Computer FAQs:



Q: Why is there a need for a "grace period" between each NIHSS test groups?
A: The "grace period" is recommended so that adequate practice of the Stroke scale is administered and is deemed appropriate.

Q: What is the time period recommended between each NIHSS test group?
A: After passing Test Group A, you should wait 6 months before taking Test Group B.

After passing Test Group B, you should wait 12 months before taking Test Group C.

Each additional module thereafter will follow the same 12 month interval.

For more information on the NIHSS please click on the "More Info" link prior to enrolling in the course located in the Catalog of offerings.

Q: How much bandwidth would one user take up while doing the NIHSS on our website?
A: The bandwidth while watching one video in the NIHSS course is less than 230Kbps.



Q: Is there a cost for taking the NIH Stroke Scale course?
A: Yes. There is a nominal fee. Previously, the NIH Stroke Scale Mobile and Computer courses have been offered to registrants' free-of-charge. Due to new enhancements being made to the courses, a modest charge will be implemented.





The American Heart Association is currently working on enhancing the NIH Stroke Scale to provide you with a better user learning experience! One of the largest complaints we receive about the course is the current quality of the videos. We want you to know we are listening to our users and in the process of launching enhancements to the course delivery platform and videos. 





Previously, the NIH Stroke Scale Mobile and Computer courses have been offered to registrants’ free-of-charge.  Beginning June 2012, we will begin charging a nominal fee.  You will see an e-commerce page during the registration process. 

The Professional Education Center's NIH Stroke Scale courses allow you to print off your certificate immediately following completion. Additionally, you can come back and reprint your certificate as many times as you need!